(Phase 1 draft) Gladiabots ~2 hours arena #1

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(Phase 1 draft) Gladiabots ~2 hours arena #1

Post#1 » 10 Sep 2018, 00:11

So I am really convinced that the lichess arena is a really nice format.

Unfortunately toornaments or the gladiabots automation for tournaments won't help in this case. So it will need to be an entirely manual tournament heavily based on communications (discord preferred, telegram ok too).

In the past we could see in the latest matches on the stats page also unranked and private matches results, seeing private matches result would help in the tournament I want to do. Unfortunately it is not anymore the case so every player need to report the results.

The idea:

1. announcement of a fixed time (not too far in the future, we can make multiple ones)
2. at the time of the appointment player says "I am there" and they are available on the chat (they can even join later, but their problem)
3. then it starts and I coordinate (I won't be able to play) the matches. Everyone should report when he is ready and - if he player - the previous game result.
4. every pairing is just best of 1 (random map), as there will be likely many pairings.
5. points: win 2, draw 1, win after 2 or more consecutive wins: 4, draw after 2+ consecutive wins: 2
6. a free player is going to match the next free player closer in the standings.
7. the time of the tournament is fixed (likely 2 hours, maybe 3). So who is able to play a lot with relatively good performance normally tends to win (go see the lichess titled arenas results to see what I mean)
8. It will be super intensive already with 4-5 active players.

Now I will decide the timing. Trying to fit europe/africa and america (either I fit europe and america, or europe and asia, as I live in the glorious europe) so likely 21-22 UTC on a Saturday.
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