a14 matchmaking, unranked games

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a14 matchmaking, unranked games

Post#1 » 07 Aug 2018, 13:52

So two possible bugs, one very minor and the other more interesting.

Today I found a bit of time to enjoy alpha 14.2 , I will write also in the moral support thread (GFX do you remember I created it because there were too many critics in 2016?). The unranked league is great when one wants to test non trivial changes or wants to refresh the overview of his AI after a period of inactivity.

minor bug or maybe wanted: in ranked matches a player can practically go through the entire pool of ghosts within his range. The only thing that I noticed is that due to the large ghost population (yay!) at lower ranges, say under 2400 points, getting ghosts from other leagues is almost impossible. This means that a player just promoted to grandmaster with a score floating around 1780 will practically met only GM ghosts. This because after a cooldown of 30 minutes, the GM ghosts are again available and so the Master ghost will never get a chance.

a bit bigger bug: in the unranked league I believe there are plenty of ghosts. Sure they may be less strong compared to their counterpart in ranked games, but there should be plenty. Nonetheless it is difficult to match them. Today I played around 40+ unranked games and I ended up always against the same ~ 10 ghosts . This because - as far as I understood - the cooldown period expires and the matchmaking picks the ghosts with the closest experience [although not really, I have level 200 and I picked players with level 20 or so]. This ends up in a cycle. It wouldn't be bad if the condition to pick a ghost in unranked would be based on "ghost never matched against or matched more than X hours ago" (with X say, not little. 3-4 hours?) and XP. Rather than only XP otherwise after few ghosts one ends up in a circle.

Unranked is pretty neat so have an idea for variety as some players may have never played ranked games but they honed their AI in campaign and unranked. I met some 1000 guys that could be easily 1900 (and viceversa).
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Posts: 3188

Re: a14 matchmaking, unranked games

Post#2 » 11 Aug 2018, 21:19

Today I played a couple of unranked matches (also due to aggressive pruning in my old AI) and I can confirm that I meet more or less the same core of opponents

Code: Select all

times met - game_name (approximated sometimes)
4 chrysophylax
3 hotsauce
3 gtresd
3 hairbrab_13
3 eaglebirdman
3 aimer rc
3 vonHinkel
3 gestalt
3 oMbre
3 swagger1337
3 tortuga
2 thegreateye
2 lymcheh
2 oopsT#05
2 vlt
2 maggie 100
2 sleepsyl something
2 zpirate
2 thegamingcheeta
1 moymaniac
1 sapsan
1 doctoria
1 ikode
1 sparky
1 bluemax6666
1 slipherion

I am aware that in unranked there are plenty of different ghosts and those ghosts that I met often are not even that close to my xp level. Some just started playing.

Also I played with pauses. Like 20 games then pause of 3 hours and then 20 games. The matchmaking was somehow fixed on the same pool of opponents (I have to say that the pool is quite large though).
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