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Aim ticks beta 3

Posted: 18 Nov 2018, 23:40
by M4L4
Hi guys, i've been playing with the new counters mechanic in the last couple of days and i've found something weird.

I was experimenting with getting assaults out of range of attacking enemies at the last moment without using binary tag counters, nothing fancy, just step back at the right time.

if enemy attacking me = 0,
Set counter 1 to 0,
if enemy sniper attacking me not out of range from me >= 1,
increase counter 1 by 1,
if counter 1 >= 11,
Flee from closest enemy attacking me not out of range.

Same code applies to machine gun, fleeing at counter >= 7

And that seems pretty obvious since sniper shoots after 12 ticks and machine guns after 8, but if you try the same code against shotguns (flee from mid range of course) you have to flee at counter 1 >= 2, despite shotgun shoots after 5 ticks (so you should be able to flee at 4), otherwise you take damage.

Why is there so much difference between moving one step out of long range, and one step out middle range? I always stand on the line during tests, so i just have to take one step back to get out of line, how come i cannot avoid shotgun damage without moving with such advantage?

Re: Aim ticks beta 3

Posted: 19 Nov 2018, 21:35
by ElvenMonk
First shotgun shoots after 4 ticks. Next make sure you are on the edge of middle range as one step for shotgun is 1.66 assault steps and 2 sniper steps.

Re: Aim ticks beta 3

Posted: 20 Nov 2018, 10:24
by M4L4
You are right, SG shoots at the end of the 4th tick, and maybe the problem is that it stads a little bit over the edge of middle range, i'll do more tests.
Also, fleeing at the last moment from sniper shot, works only if you stay on the line of long range, how do you detect that? I don' t want to wait for the sniper to shoot if i'm just outside mid range

Re: Aim ticks beta 3

Posted: 20 Nov 2018, 16:00
by ElvenMonk
Increase counter everytime you or enemy sniper moving towards each other at long range. It is difficult to know when you just entered long range if it's one or two steps to get out, unless only one of bots was moving, so I would always consider you need 2 steps.