Who is in Gold league?

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Re: Who is Master and Grandmaster?

Post#41 » 07 Oct 2017, 18:39

LuBeNo wrote:We still miss info for 9 players of Grandmaster: DH!, sollniss, mumpsimus, Buzzlefall, PENTIUM, Tortuga, djdf, ScorpioT1000, WildLynx.

  1. What are your player names? (Main account first.) - WildLynx
  2. What is your year of birth? - 1985
  3. Are you male or female? (I would really like to see some girls in here.) - male
  4. What countries did you live in more than 5 years of your life. (And the country you are currently living in, if you live there for fewer than 5 years.) - Russia
  5. Did you graduate from school yet? - Yes
  6. Did you graduate from an university? What subject? - Yes, IT
  7. Are you / Have you been a professor in a university? - No
  8. Do you / Did you code for fun in your free time? - Yes
  9. Do you / Did you code for food in a company? - No

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