My Review - Why I Only Rate 3/5

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Re: My Review - Why I Only Rate 3/5

Post#21 » 21 Jul 2017, 15:55

I wonder if it would be smarter if the developer changed the system and made the whole app free but with ads; players could pay money to remove ads. Not sure if it would increase revenues, but I guess more people would play the game/campaign (which is very important) and eventually buy the game, and if not, at least (are forced to) watch ads which should give you some money as well (?).

I mean, if I was to download this app and didn't read the description (where it says that it's a "demo") and realised that I need to pay pretty much right from the beginning to fully enjoy this game, I would be kinda pissed too. It doesn't matter if the developer posted that information in the description or anywhere else. Many people are "blind", plenty don't read the title, better don't mention the description. This means, although the developer mentioned it, people will be mad at him, uninstall the game and leave a* 1 or 2* rating. Apparently, I lookad at apps that had the word "Guide" in the name and people complained that it was no game but only pictures... the same is happening with this game.

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Re: My Review - Why I Only Rate 3/5

Post#22 » 21 Jul 2017, 15:58

Gfx think about that,

10 games per 24 hours cycle,
And 10 other for freeplay?

If the solo player is free keep it free, and maybe private. Just like your plan before.

Still no for popout ads,
Maybe branded bot skins.
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Re: My Review - Why I Only Rate 3/5

Post#23 » 21 Jul 2017, 17:08

"it's not about finding the best rules for your AI by using logic, it's 99% about doing research and battle tests about every case. With that I mean, you need to find out how the game handles your bots in the most efficient way, if your rules make sense or not is irrelevant. "

Let's say that your rules are theories. You come up with a theory X and you put it into place and then you test your theory by running the game. Your theory will either make things worse or it will work. If it doesn't work, then you can't say that it should've worked because it makes some kind of sense outside of the game. There is only the game. Your theories about the game make no sense if they do not work within the game, and they cannot be said to be 'logical'.

p.s. I think freeplay is a bad idea. There aren't enough people playing as it is and freeplay will only reduce that number.
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Re: My Review - Why I Only Rate 3/5

Post#24 » 21 Jul 2017, 17:55

mcompany wrote:I'm surprised that no one has requested this, but definitely +1

viewtopic.php?f=2&t=74&hilit=self+filters -> Gladiabots CHAT, stats, insights and more ;

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Re: My Review - Why I Only Rate 3/5

Post#25 » 21 Jul 2017, 18:04

toopa wrote:
After I'm done, I go to campaign, fight and unlock next league in 10 mins (exaggerating a bit here). Then I face new players with way better AIs, and I have to do the AI-editing process again. This repeated in the past days multiple times and I spent a lot of time creating/improving my AIs, but actually barely spent time playing against players. Now, things got really harder and I struggle to get better. I realised that especially in the higher leagues, it's a lot of minor details that make a difference. How much time do you think it would need just to find those 2-3 tiny details that will turn utter defeats into convincing victories (it often seems to be very small things that make the difference)?

But this is normal. the lower leagues are against players that do not optimize that much, then the more you raise, the harder it is. It is like chess. Until 1500-1700 you may progress quickly, then it is hard.

For a math function the progress is like a square root function. Raises quickly and then stays on the same value forever.

Imagine x= number of minutes in game
sqrt(x) = figurative score

sqrt(4) = 2
sqrt(9) = 3
sqrt(16) = 4
sqrt(25) = 5
sqrt(100) = 10
sqrt(10000) = 100

so to double your skill (in this example) you need 100 times the time.

With players is actually different because people reach a plateau after a while where they improve very slowly, like years passes a 0.01% improvement. You can see this in whatever human activity based on "intellectual" results. -> Gladiabots CHAT, stats, insights and more ;

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