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About the GUI

Post#1 » 07 Jul 2017, 11:04


As a PC only player (i'm on Linux), as "opposed" to tactile/tablet/phone/console..., i find the GUI could benefit from a lot of improvements.

- All the "cards" i can pick to build my AI could fit into one single screen, maybe with some tabs and filters, instead of having to scroll through a long list of big buttons. That's the biggest issue for me about the GUI, i think.

- It also could use some split screen option, to have 2 AI side by side for example, and use drag and drop between them and the "inventory".

- More actions to the cards : copy and paste is there, but i could like also sticky (avoid any deletion), ignore (so i can test stuff without doing a full new branch), favorite (to save a piece of AI, not like subs but to copy for example a full branch) ,

I didn't find information, is there any plan to adjust the GUI for PC users, not to be the same as the "tuned down" tactile users ?
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Re: About the GUI

Post#2 » 07 Jul 2017, 12:12

Hi tchey looks like youre new and very active in furoms, welcome!

Id suggests you should go here:


Youre welcome to post anything as long as it does not break community rules and conditions.

As for your request:


Click the link and see its been bieng worked to be done in alpha 11
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