Thoughts about identifying the strongest player in an endless competition

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Thoughts about identifying the strongest player in an endless competition

Post#1 » 22 Jan 2017, 21:00

Thoughts about identifying the strongest player in an endless competition

Thanks to the beautiful statistics page, while I have my shift at home, I follow the list of last matches and I believe I identified a pattern that was true also in the past. This let me reflect and, after thinking about it, what I'm going to write seems reasonable for me.

I already wrote that if the top player does not play a lot, but nevertheless he plays, it is not so simple to keep a score way higher than the others. See here.

Nevertheless, if one plays a little, one has less chances to meet all the others "heavy" players (players with experience and relatively high scores). Something that emerged from the unavoidable tournaments. One can see that players playing a lot in the period of the tournament met almost all the others, while other players that are heavy (read: high elo/a lot of games and so experience) but play a little, while having high win ratio, do not get a lot of points because they met few other heavy players.

So, since the ranking table is an endless competition, it is obvious that the strongest player can be identified by a given time window and not just looking at the last scores. May be that the same player in different time windows is the strongest, but the point is still that given a time window, there is a strongest player, given another, there may be another player. While the last scores can just reward the latter or not even if the strongest player expose himself a lot losing a lot of points there and there.

Another bit of information that I observed, especially valid in alpha 7.8 with matchmaking across leagues and player levels (hopefully it will be fixed), is that heavy players meet each other very few times. Mostly their wins are against lower players that are more active and spam matches one after another (just because they are more) so they get matched with the heavy players, while heavy players gets matched between themselves a little. So there is lower chance to get an hard match between heavy players and this is even lower if a heavy player does not play a lot.

Therefore, unless the matchmaking changes to almost force heavy players to play against each other even if they have to wait a bit more for the next match resolution, I think that a way to determine the strongest player for a period is a tournament with finite matches or checking direct matches between players. I did not devised the unavoidable tournaments for this reason (actually I wanted just to see how big players performed against each other) but for the moment it seems a good indicator about the one that, independently from the max score, is the strongest player among those that have enough score, experience and played matches.

Said that, so far in alpha 6.1.3 Ritter runkel seems to have been the strongest player (excluding the first period of alpha 6.1.3, where players adapts to the new version). Let's see what will happen for the first period of alpha 7.8 after the first days of adaptation. -> Gladiabots CHAT, stats, insights and more ;

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