Single change to save battles

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Single change to save battles

Post#1 » 03 Feb 2019, 02:58

I haven't been here for a long time, neither play this game. Anyway I did play a lot of other stragegy games and occasionally thinks what make this promising game not still playable enough. I know that the dev is constantly improving graphics, tutorials etc. That is definitely good. However, there is a section where dev is TOO conservative -- game mechanisms.

I find that I tend to make this thread too long so let me just give my point out before explain: Shields should be made protecting the front! Ok, let me continue introducing backgrounds.

This game is basically a battle strategy game wrapped in AI programming. Balance and paceis 2 of the most important traits. Unfortunately this game lacks of both (when I was playing 2017-2018, sorry I'm not sure if new feature improve them) . If no special unit limit set, player would spam snipers, the others would spam shotguns while sniper spam becomes popular. However, a good game should be natural balanced. There should be no mandatory limit, like reality. So what make something natural balanced? Synergy! If the unit is not complementary to each other, there is no fun to combine them together. I think most of experienced player like me has experienced the frustration that except protecting sniper, there are not a lot to do as "teamwork". As to the pace, I would say that the game is like playing "Taiji", bots push and pull for dozens times and no one dies. Even though players are not manually maneuver the bots, it's kind of boring even in fast forward replay.

Why direction so important?
Sensing direction is a feature I requested a long time ago. It is one of the easiest way to make the bot be aware of the 2D environment. Without direction sense, the bots either still lives in a 1D environment or behave stupid is the actual 2D map. Directional shield will make flanking a decent way to win the battle. Flanking is conventional war tactic so you cannot imagine how many great battles will come in being with that. Shotguns, with speed and excellent close damage, is a wonderful choice of flanking, like ancient cavalries. The other units can also benefit from angel shootings and there will brings another classic paradox for players to burn their minds: disperse or centralize.

What is the key of balance?
Think about when you have 2 types of unit to use, why not spam only one of them? The current state is "yes let's spam". If you have 1 machinegun and 1 shotgun , I can easily beat you with 2 machineguns. So current mechanism has the attractor of spamming unit instead of staying in balance. With directional shield, one shotgun will be perfect for flanking while the front fire is still need for the other machinegun. So the combination is better than 2 shotguns or 2 machinegun setups. We can also make other balance points. The simplest one is perhaps -- weaken snipers. If 2 sniper cannot beat 2 assaults, people will pick all assaults. However when we scale up to 3 or 4 bots. I bet people would like to pick one sniper because its super long range power makes all enemy bots afraid of fight to low shield before retreat, thus make pushing a lot easier. There are also a lot of things have the potential to make new balance points (however I won't analyze them here) such as shield-penetration bullets and dazzling bullets. Specialize the bots in this way and the army is naturally balanced.

What is the key of pace?
Neither too fast nor too slow. We need some factors such as shield recovering to make more back-and-forth. However, it is better to assume that shield is not all-round sometimes.

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Re: Single change to save battles

Post#2 » 03 Feb 2019, 20:02

Little nitpick

There should be no mandatory limit, like reality.

This game is not about realism. Because otherwise we should also have the entire production chain for bots (in reality), and already having batteries lasting long enough would be impossible.

So don't claim "like reality" when the context is out of it. -> Gladiabots CHAT, stats, insights and more ;

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