Skin reset in Beta 3

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Skin reset in Beta 3

Post#1 » 16 Nov 2018, 19:45

I am not sure if it is only my problem, but i have problems with the skin reset in beta 3. I am currently level 19, Platinum League and being online at PC and Android(premium), and I only have 800 credits. I am sure that this isn't how it is supposed to be, so if you have any information on how can i reset my custumizations points, please tell me :D

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Re: Skin reset in Beta 3

Post#2 » 16 Nov 2018, 20:21

Check out the update announcement: ... 0574125102.
Unlocked colors and textures have been reset and refunded.
I see 9800 points on your account. Maybe it's just a refresh problem?

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