Message to him, her, them or anyone who cheats in this game.

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Message to him, her, them or anyone who cheats in this game.

Post#1 » 17 Mar 2018, 13:40

We all know that curiosity is a human characteristic, if you want to know something and you have at your disposal, the ability to find out, why not do it ?.
Serve what I write below to try to analyze the previous statement and discuss some cases in which this should not be done, and specifically in the game that concerns us, gladiabots.
I am the first to think that knowledge is good and useful, the more you know about everything, the better. However there are more useful subjects than others, and there are a lot of totally useless things that are learned without knowing well why. I will not give examples of this last, we can all remember something.
In addition, each person has different interests and hobbies. You can really enjoy learning what you like, but also vice versa. On the other hand, the best way to learn something is when you yourself experience it, experience it, develop it. That knowledge is enjoyed more, it is never forgotten. Of course, if something interests you, you will always enjoy learning it, even if it is reading it from a book or watching someone do it.
Finally, I would like to point out the distinction between knowing specific data and knowing methods, processes, skills, etc., since in the game that concerns us, this second type of knowledge is really important.
Who copies the AI ​​of someone in this game by illicit methods, is copying concrete data about a matter for which you feel interest, and that has no use, apart from fun.
That person should consider, what gives him more fun, satisfy the ego of having done something that anyone with minimal knowledge can do, or get the satisfaction of learning a series of useful methods and skills in solving complex problems in programming, obtaining a reward really deserved and reflected in a marker, through a very fun game.
If you opt for the first option, in my opinion, the best is being lost, but since there is so much in this world, it is logical and normal for something like that to happen. Serve this message to try to change it

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