Training Mode Improvements

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Training Mode Improvements

Post#1 » 14 Oct 2017, 20:01

This post is for improving the training mode and experience for newcomers, as well as provide a solid framework from training to competitive.

It would be helpful to newcomers if they could save their AI as they go through Tutorial. My experience after playing through the training missions was that they seemed slightly out of order also. Here is my rework/suggestions.

Side note: "Load AI" doesn't actually load an Ai from a player's profile. It merely uses a template of what the last mission AI should have ended on. After completing a mission, you should be given the option to save that AI to your AI list though. :)

✓ = good
X = problem

0. Introduction(✓)
1. Catch the Resource(✓)
2. Secure the Resource(✓)
3. Optimization 1(✓)
*Save AI to file as "Training AI Score" after each*

4. Attack the Enemy(✓)
5. Approach Your Target(✓)
6. Optimization 2 (✓)
*Save Ai to file as "Training AI Attack" after each*

7. Priorities(stays the same)
8. Save Shield(Load "Training AI Attack")
9. IF A or B(Load "Training AI Attack")
10. IF A and B(Load "Training AI Attack")
11. Save Shield Counting(Load "Training AI Attack")(NEW MISSION!)
11. Sub Ais(combine both Training Ai Attack + Training AI Score)
*Save Ai to file as "Training AI Attack" after each*

Additional Scoring Missions:
1. Pursue Current Target(✓)
2. Pursue Tagged Target(✓)
3. Teamwork(X)(Remove from Missions/Rework)(suggested change: add attacker node to gatherer[distance based])

Advanced Features:
1. Focus Fire(✓)
2. Connector Nodes(✓)
3. Shotgun(✓)
4. Sniper(✓)
5. Machine Gun(✓)
6. Team Composition(✓)
7. Wall Borders(NEW MISSION!)

This would give players a chance to see how the AI structure works as a whole. As instead of random parts they would be building more off of what they already have. It would also give them an AI to work on and modify for Practice Mode. While giving them a complex understanding for competitive. Those are my thoughts. This post is mostly to help GFX, any feedback is welcome. :)

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