Smartbot Challenge! (Different AI)

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Smartbot Challenge! (Different AI)

Post#1 » 04 Oct 2017, 20:21

For this challenge you're allowed to use DIFFERENT AI for each bot. The goal is to use as few nodes as possible to complete Practice Mode.

"The challenge:
- build an AI that's smart enough to beat all practice levels without being tuned in between
- do it with the least amount of nodes you can(per bot)

The rules:
- you can use whatever node/condition you like
- you can apply a maximum of 3 different AI to all of your bots
- you need to use assault bots only
- "Interface" map is ignored for this contest(only 2 bots)

The winner:
- if you found an AI that beats all the practice levels with maximum of 3 Nodes or less: congrats! You are now eligible to be the winner of this contest! Post a screen of your AI down here and write the number of nodes per bot.
- the owner of the AI with Lowest Maximum Node Count and least nodes per bot is the winner
Ex: 2, 2, 2(max 2)> 3, 1, 1(max 3) > 3, 2, 1(max 3)"

(Modified from first SmartBot Challenge: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=451&hilit=practice+mode)

This is a fun challenge, so have fun with it and Goodluck! :D

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