I stopped playing because...

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I stopped playing because...

Post#1 » 19 Sep 2019, 13:37

Hello everyone,,

My experience was something like:
learn game and play intensely
advance leagues rapidly with only minor tweaks to base bot-behaviour (to master-league)
reach grand master league with something like 70+% win-ratio
get beaten by snipers and AIs more advanced than what I had access to build (I guess)
lose a significant number of games
conclude I am missing features to be competitive and would need to grind until getting them
stop playing

(I am told this issue exists for other multiplayer competitive games like clash of clans as well, but they require the grind built into their games for the moneterisation to work)

My suggestion would be to open up features when advancing in leagues. So if you reach grand master, all features would be available to you. An alternative, of course, would be to slow league-advancement to ensure matching feature-set and that people actually understood the features they had access to... but I would prefer the fast-paced version :)

(it may just be that I should just stop complaining and build a proper AI... but that's not what happened...)

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