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Minor. Not urgent. Possible observation about the scores due to actual broken ghosts

Posted: 22 Nov 2018, 20:04
by pier4r
apparently the broken ghosts that shows up between 2300 and 2900 help to boost everyone else in the range since that range is not that active yet. Aoi surely improving but gaining 300 points quickly is a sign of it. When the system gets stable it will be hard to have such jumps.

I fear that due to those ghosts we will have again what we had before. Lots of people (as 10+ people) reaching gm, people whining that GM is overpopulated, new score threshold, in the meanwhile the broken ghosts gets farmed, there are no more easy points, people whining about the matchmaking that is too hard (although the last changes are quite good I think).

The point being: be prepared and keep a decision. I think that after the easy ghosts gets farmed the current thresholds after a couple of resets will be ok. Assuming a reset around 3-4 months.