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Linux minor issues

Post#1 » 08 May 2018, 20:22

The game version
Alpha 13 RC4

The platform you are playing on
Linux Mint 18 Cinammon

What happened when the bug occured
1. Mouse sensitivity.
I have the lowest settings set on my system, but the mouse is extra-pixel-sensitive ingame. This means, that when I want to click any button, the mouse has to be perfectly still or the button is not going to be activated. Maybe some kind of change sensitivity bar in the game settings would do the job, idk.

2. Cursor freeze on external link click.
Maybe it is partially problem of the system, but when I click any option which opens something in the background, i.e. website help page or forum page, I can't get the cursor working again in the game. All I can do is to press Esc->Esc->Esc->Enter and restart the game.

3. Minimizing the fullscreen game.
If there was some kind of a simple solution to minimize the game, it would be appreciated. Maybe the game could be forced to change itself to windowed mode and minimize when certain keys are pressed (alt+tab?) and then return to fullscreen on maximizing?


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