ELO computation changes

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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#81 » 10 Dec 2016, 20:51

APIs require security, performance tests and protection against attacks such as DDoS.

If you overlook these things, one can bring the database down with the same amount of php lines :D

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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#82 » 10 Dec 2016, 21:13

pier4r wrote:I also thought to ask GFX to lower the promotion point of 50 points, so 1050, 1150, 1250 but it would not help. The problem is the mass of players that often play that is missing, does not matter the amount of players in a league if players gets inactive. Especially if the top gets paired often with players with 300 points less.

I'm thinking about easing promotion for league 1 so newcomers would get hooked faster by competition.
I could either lower first promotion score or only apply score bonuses in initial league (no loss for draw or defeat).

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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#83 » 10 Dec 2016, 21:24

What about another league.

Like universal league where all players do match with the rules of the low league.

I think a player can got 4x matchs

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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#84 » 10 Dec 2016, 21:33

GFX47 wrote:I'm thinking about easing promotion for league 1 so newcomers would get hooked faster by competition.
I could either lower first promotion score or only apply score bonuses in initial league (no loss for draw or defeat).

Dunno, it may work, it may backfire (you know, players not used to lose points). If you think is useful, try.

I was thinking, could be possible to make OR in score promotion thresholds? Like you get promoted from the first league, whatever you do, after X matches. With X not so little, so players think "oh I can manage it" neither so big, like "eh, I will never reach it".

Actually a sort of monotonic rank (growing no matter what, like game played), like many other games, at least for the start. This would also avoid that mostly everyone is in league1, already populating league2 would not be bad.
(Of course, no demotions back to league1 then. The leagues based on score starts from league2 on)

A sort of protected league where players can learn and prepare, but then out, in the merciless world of gladiabots multiplayer.
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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#85 » 11 Dec 2016, 07:12

NullPointer wrote:APIs require security, performance tests and protection against attacks such as DDoS.

If you overlook these things, one can bring the database down with the same amount of php lines :D

Not true at all, the database location is spread accessible if you just look at where your packets are going. Since we already have location a brute force DDoS is already and will always be possible. Past this you are looking at malformed packets or bugged server code as further methods of DoS. The ability to use malformed packets to DoS wouldnt change if the database was made pollable since it wouldn't really need any new protocol of packet. If it's already an exploit it will continue to be so and it isnt then it won't become a problem

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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#86 » 11 Dec 2016, 09:43

Flooding a DB directly without having access to it may not be possible even if you had thousands of machines, your requests would be to light for the server.

Having complex queries behind public APIs makes it easier to flood the DB. Remember you said "pull the server for statistics", which means they won't be simple queries.

I suggested that we could have something like Battlelog for Battlefield, so I'm not disagreeing with your suggestion, I'm just disagreeing that it can be done so easily in a few lines of code without adding a lot of risk.

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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#87 » 11 Dec 2016, 10:08

Depending on the query, I'm with null pointer. But anyway gfx seems to have already a plan for it so do not worry.
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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#88 » 11 Dec 2016, 15:21


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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#89 » 03 Jan 2017, 13:27

GFX, are you able to provide another CSV?

I wrote a small piece of code to get some statistics out, such as "who is your nemesis" and such, and wanted to give it a try. I will share the code after testing it properly.

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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#90 » 03 Jan 2017, 15:19

I can give you the dumps if you wait a bit (I got them as present by gfx) . Actually I should implement several things but at the moment I do not have enough tranquility in the house. So maybe you may work on them earlier.

What is the language of the code?
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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#91 » 03 Jan 2017, 15:31


I'm uploading the file also on telegram (the telgram chat has already 350+ files, mostly screenshots, shared!)
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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#92 » 03 Jan 2017, 16:12

Thanks. I'm a bit confused with the different file names and formats. Which files do I need to look to see the full data from the beginning without duplicates?

Also, do you have a map of player IDs to names?

I wrote the code in Java for Spark.

We could continue this thread in here:

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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#93 » 15 Jan 2017, 21:46

So update (hopefully if I find more time I will do also some graphs via automatism, like gnuplot).

Games played per day, in a given league.

Then active players per day, in a given league.

Data from 2017-01-15 is not complete.

Code: Select all

day:2016-11-02, games:149
day:2016-11-03, games:614
day:2016-11-04, games:1139
day:2016-11-05, games:5531
day:2016-11-06, games:4549
day:2016-11-07, games:2547
day:2016-11-08, games:1832
day:2016-11-09, games:1297
day:2016-11-10, games:1339
day:2016-11-11, games:1816
day:2016-11-12, games:1719
day:2016-11-13, games:2257
day:2016-11-14, games:1822
day:2016-11-15, games:1794
day:2016-11-16, games:1433
day:2016-11-17, games:1156
day:2016-11-18, games:961
day:2016-11-19, games:1164
day:2016-11-20, games:1408
day:2016-11-21, games:1271
day:2016-11-22, games:1052
day:2016-11-23, games:925
day:2016-11-24, games:927
day:2016-11-25, games:957
day:2016-11-26, games:1164
day:2016-11-27, games:1020
day:2016-11-28, games:750
day:2016-11-29, games:679
day:2016-11-30, games:617
day:2016-12-01, games:668
day:2016-12-02, games:981
day:2016-12-03, games:916
day:2016-12-04, games:937
day:2016-12-05, games:597
day:2016-12-06, games:576
day:2016-12-07, games:541
day:2016-12-08, games:666
day:2016-12-09, games:1152
day:2016-12-10, games:1270
day:2016-12-11, games:1552
day:2016-12-12, games:994
day:2016-12-13, games:789
day:2016-12-14, games:1002
day:2016-12-15, games:1434
day:2016-12-16, games:856
day:2016-12-17, games:1125
day:2016-12-18, games:1133
day:2016-12-19, games:1121
day:2016-12-20, games:1132
day:2016-12-21, games:974
day:2016-12-22, games:1058
day:2016-12-23, games:1082
day:2016-12-24, games:1032
day:2016-12-25, games:851
day:2016-12-26, games:879
day:2016-12-27, games:974
day:2016-12-28, games:1047
day:2016-12-29, games:969
day:2016-12-30, games:997
day:2016-12-31, games:906
day:2017-01-01, games:658
day:2017-01-02, games:919
day:2017-01-03, games:666
day:2017-01-04, games:717
day:2017-01-05, games:939
day:2017-01-06, games:838
day:2017-01-07, games:1062
day:2017-01-08, games:1239
day:2017-01-09, games:899
day:2017-01-10, games:778
day:2017-01-11, games:767
day:2017-01-12, games:714
day:2017-01-13, games:782
day:2017-01-14, games:1119
day:2017-01-15, games:75
day:2016-11-03, games:81
day:2016-11-04, games:165
day:2016-11-05, games:1070
day:2016-11-06, games:1386
day:2016-11-07, games:911
day:2016-11-08, games:686
day:2016-11-09, games:697
day:2016-11-10, games:645
day:2016-11-11, games:561
day:2016-11-12, games:946
day:2016-11-13, games:1191
day:2016-11-14, games:836
day:2016-11-15, games:692
day:2016-11-16, games:806
day:2016-11-17, games:844
day:2016-11-18, games:691
day:2016-11-19, games:635
day:2016-11-20, games:709
day:2016-11-21, games:640
day:2016-11-22, games:779
day:2016-11-23, games:753
day:2016-11-24, games:498
day:2016-11-25, games:579
day:2016-11-26, games:526
day:2016-11-27, games:611
day:2016-11-28, games:442
day:2016-11-29, games:435
day:2016-11-30, games:291
day:2016-12-01, games:308
day:2016-12-02, games:303
day:2016-12-03, games:369
day:2016-12-04, games:268
day:2016-12-05, games:391
day:2016-12-06, games:327
day:2016-12-07, games:345
day:2016-12-08, games:340
day:2016-12-09, games:366
day:2016-12-10, games:573
day:2016-12-11, games:589
day:2016-12-12, games:466
day:2016-12-13, games:360
day:2016-12-14, games:474
day:2016-12-15, games:442
day:2016-12-16, games:353
day:2016-12-17, games:401
day:2016-12-18, games:472
day:2016-12-19, games:496
day:2016-12-20, games:552
day:2016-12-21, games:387
day:2016-12-22, games:385
day:2016-12-23, games:349
day:2016-12-24, games:262
day:2016-12-25, games:276
day:2016-12-26, games:285
day:2016-12-27, games:313
day:2016-12-28, games:338
day:2016-12-29, games:334
day:2016-12-30, games:221
day:2016-12-31, games:255
day:2017-01-01, games:286
day:2017-01-02, games:387
day:2017-01-03, games:281
day:2017-01-04, games:314
day:2017-01-05, games:284
day:2017-01-06, games:324
day:2017-01-07, games:472
day:2017-01-08, games:401
day:2017-01-09, games:278
day:2017-01-10, games:309
day:2017-01-11, games:311
day:2017-01-12, games:347
day:2017-01-13, games:300
day:2017-01-14, games:423
day:2017-01-15, games:35
day:2016-11-04, games:72
day:2016-11-05, games:185
day:2016-11-06, games:895
day:2016-11-07, games:807
day:2016-11-08, games:840
day:2016-11-09, games:804
day:2016-11-10, games:599
day:2016-11-11, games:601
day:2016-11-12, games:652
day:2016-11-13, games:742
day:2016-11-14, games:436
day:2016-11-15, games:328
day:2016-11-16, games:387
day:2016-11-17, games:431
day:2016-11-18, games:327
day:2016-11-19, games:335
day:2016-11-20, games:381
day:2016-11-21, games:392
day:2016-11-22, games:320
day:2016-11-23, games:380
day:2016-11-24, games:321
day:2016-11-25, games:315
day:2016-11-26, games:296
day:2016-11-27, games:303
day:2016-11-28, games:220
day:2016-11-29, games:266
day:2016-11-30, games:258
day:2016-12-01, games:184
day:2016-12-02, games:158
day:2016-12-03, games:263
day:2016-12-04, games:223
day:2016-12-05, games:218
day:2016-12-06, games:234
day:2016-12-07, games:232
day:2016-12-08, games:225
day:2016-12-09, games:366
day:2016-12-10, games:274
day:2016-12-11, games:248
day:2016-12-12, games:258
day:2016-12-13, games:300
day:2016-12-14, games:292
day:2016-12-15, games:255
day:2016-12-16, games:190
day:2016-12-17, games:255
day:2016-12-18, games:391
day:2016-12-19, games:198
day:2016-12-20, games:241
day:2016-12-21, games:317
day:2016-12-22, games:231
day:2016-12-23, games:241
day:2016-12-24, games:103
day:2016-12-25, games:119
day:2016-12-26, games:126
day:2016-12-27, games:129
day:2016-12-28, games:141
day:2016-12-29, games:207
day:2016-12-30, games:173
day:2016-12-31, games:136
day:2017-01-01, games:157
day:2017-01-02, games:213
day:2017-01-03, games:203
day:2017-01-04, games:255
day:2017-01-05, games:231
day:2017-01-06, games:123
day:2017-01-07, games:198
day:2017-01-08, games:214
day:2017-01-09, games:109
day:2017-01-10, games:109
day:2017-01-11, games:158
day:2017-01-12, games:138
day:2017-01-13, games:156
day:2017-01-14, games:152
day:2017-01-15, games:11
day:2016-11-04, games:103
day:2016-11-05, games:37
day:2016-11-06, games:68
day:2016-11-07, games:221
day:2016-11-08, games:535
day:2016-11-09, games:862
day:2016-11-10, games:848
day:2016-11-11, games:896
day:2016-11-12, games:937
day:2016-11-13, games:856
day:2016-11-14, games:705
day:2016-11-15, games:531
day:2016-11-16, games:461
day:2016-11-17, games:520
day:2016-11-18, games:510
day:2016-11-19, games:491
day:2016-11-20, games:340
day:2016-11-21, games:431
day:2016-11-22, games:282
day:2016-11-23, games:430
day:2016-11-24, games:560
day:2016-11-25, games:627
day:2016-11-26, games:515
day:2016-11-27, games:421
day:2016-11-28, games:467
day:2016-11-29, games:578
day:2016-11-30, games:595
day:2016-12-01, games:554
day:2016-12-02, games:496
day:2016-12-03, games:618
day:2016-12-04, games:563
day:2016-12-05, games:454
day:2016-12-06, games:430
day:2016-12-07, games:294
day:2016-12-08, games:329
day:2016-12-09, games:502
day:2016-12-10, games:601
day:2016-12-11, games:685
day:2016-12-12, games:640
day:2016-12-13, games:787
day:2016-12-14, games:525
day:2016-12-15, games:694
day:2016-12-16, games:632
day:2016-12-17, games:713
day:2016-12-18, games:701
day:2016-12-19, games:807
day:2016-12-20, games:591
day:2016-12-21, games:631
day:2016-12-22, games:541
day:2016-12-23, games:333
day:2016-12-24, games:226
day:2016-12-25, games:286
day:2016-12-26, games:370
day:2016-12-27, games:534
day:2016-12-28, games:603
day:2016-12-29, games:622
day:2016-12-30, games:504
day:2016-12-31, games:551
day:2017-01-01, games:480
day:2017-01-02, games:464
day:2017-01-03, games:675
day:2017-01-04, games:501
day:2017-01-05, games:364
day:2017-01-06, games:392
day:2017-01-07, games:383
day:2017-01-08, games:413
day:2017-01-09, games:563
day:2017-01-10, games:577
day:2017-01-11, games:453
day:2017-01-12, games:450
day:2017-01-13, games:463
day:2017-01-14, games:404
day:2017-01-15, games:12

day:2016-11-02, active_players:19
day:2016-11-03, active_players:29
day:2016-11-04, active_players:246
day:2016-11-05, active_players:883
day:2016-11-06, active_players:796
day:2016-11-07, active_players:555
day:2016-11-08, active_players:501
day:2016-11-09, active_players:431
day:2016-11-10, active_players:408
day:2016-11-11, active_players:471
day:2016-11-12, active_players:552
day:2016-11-13, active_players:624
day:2016-11-14, active_players:534
day:2016-11-15, active_players:480
day:2016-11-16, active_players:439
day:2016-11-17, active_players:407
day:2016-11-18, active_players:359
day:2016-11-19, active_players:403
day:2016-11-20, active_players:422
day:2016-11-21, active_players:392
day:2016-11-22, active_players:358
day:2016-11-23, active_players:319
day:2016-11-24, active_players:342
day:2016-11-25, active_players:348
day:2016-11-26, active_players:367
day:2016-11-27, active_players:324
day:2016-11-28, active_players:263
day:2016-11-29, active_players:237
day:2016-11-30, active_players:238
day:2016-12-01, active_players:247
day:2016-12-02, active_players:282
day:2016-12-03, active_players:288
day:2016-12-04, active_players:284
day:2016-12-05, active_players:219
day:2016-12-06, active_players:213
day:2016-12-07, active_players:202
day:2016-12-08, active_players:236
day:2016-12-09, active_players:253
day:2016-12-10, active_players:326
day:2016-12-11, active_players:325
day:2016-12-12, active_players:219
day:2016-12-13, active_players:231
day:2016-12-14, active_players:225
day:2016-12-15, active_players:274
day:2016-12-16, active_players:213
day:2016-12-17, active_players:271
day:2016-12-18, active_players:269
day:2016-12-19, active_players:244
day:2016-12-20, active_players:269
day:2016-12-21, active_players:267
day:2016-12-22, active_players:241
day:2016-12-23, active_players:254
day:2016-12-24, active_players:273
day:2016-12-25, active_players:242
day:2016-12-26, active_players:199
day:2016-12-27, active_players:243
day:2016-12-28, active_players:245
day:2016-12-29, active_players:235
day:2016-12-30, active_players:220
day:2016-12-31, active_players:203
day:2017-01-01, active_players:180
day:2017-01-02, active_players:220
day:2017-01-03, active_players:191
day:2017-01-04, active_players:198
day:2017-01-05, active_players:217
day:2017-01-06, active_players:214
day:2017-01-07, active_players:305
day:2017-01-08, active_players:329
day:2017-01-09, active_players:220
day:2017-01-10, active_players:190
day:2017-01-11, active_players:201
day:2017-01-12, active_players:197
day:2017-01-13, active_players:216
day:2017-01-14, active_players:289
day:2017-01-15, active_players:28
day:2016-11-03, active_players:9
day:2016-11-04, active_players:22
day:2016-11-05, active_players:119
day:2016-11-06, active_players:193
day:2016-11-07, active_players:137
day:2016-11-08, active_players:154
day:2016-11-09, active_players:154
day:2016-11-10, active_players:137
day:2016-11-11, active_players:124
day:2016-11-12, active_players:160
day:2016-11-13, active_players:162
day:2016-11-14, active_players:148
day:2016-11-15, active_players:133
day:2016-11-16, active_players:128
day:2016-11-17, active_players:128
day:2016-11-18, active_players:100
day:2016-11-19, active_players:96
day:2016-11-20, active_players:108
day:2016-11-21, active_players:109
day:2016-11-22, active_players:107
day:2016-11-23, active_players:110
day:2016-11-24, active_players:92
day:2016-11-25, active_players:86
day:2016-11-26, active_players:88
day:2016-11-27, active_players:98
day:2016-11-28, active_players:81
day:2016-11-29, active_players:73
day:2016-11-30, active_players:61
day:2016-12-01, active_players:71
day:2016-12-02, active_players:73
day:2016-12-03, active_players:70
day:2016-12-04, active_players:65
day:2016-12-05, active_players:66
day:2016-12-06, active_players:67
day:2016-12-07, active_players:59
day:2016-12-08, active_players:59
day:2016-12-09, active_players:66
day:2016-12-10, active_players:73
day:2016-12-11, active_players:91
day:2016-12-12, active_players:79
day:2016-12-13, active_players:60
day:2016-12-14, active_players:61
day:2016-12-15, active_players:78
day:2016-12-16, active_players:69
day:2016-12-17, active_players:72
day:2016-12-18, active_players:76
day:2016-12-19, active_players:69
day:2016-12-20, active_players:74
day:2016-12-21, active_players:73
day:2016-12-22, active_players:67
day:2016-12-23, active_players:61
day:2016-12-24, active_players:61
day:2016-12-25, active_players:60
day:2016-12-26, active_players:50
day:2016-12-27, active_players:56
day:2016-12-28, active_players:57
day:2016-12-29, active_players:60
day:2016-12-30, active_players:55
day:2016-12-31, active_players:58
day:2017-01-01, active_players:59
day:2017-01-02, active_players:55
day:2017-01-03, active_players:45
day:2017-01-04, active_players:50
day:2017-01-05, active_players:44
day:2017-01-06, active_players:48
day:2017-01-07, active_players:56
day:2017-01-08, active_players:56
day:2017-01-09, active_players:52
day:2017-01-10, active_players:46
day:2017-01-11, active_players:51
day:2017-01-12, active_players:54
day:2017-01-13, active_players:50
day:2017-01-14, active_players:59
day:2017-01-15, active_players:11
day:2016-11-04, active_players:11
day:2016-11-05, active_players:21
day:2016-11-06, active_players:81
day:2016-11-07, active_players:96
day:2016-11-08, active_players:123
day:2016-11-09, active_players:115
day:2016-11-10, active_players:95
day:2016-11-11, active_players:76
day:2016-11-12, active_players:99
day:2016-11-13, active_players:93
day:2016-11-14, active_players:64
day:2016-11-15, active_players:55
day:2016-11-16, active_players:51
day:2016-11-17, active_players:57
day:2016-11-18, active_players:54
day:2016-11-19, active_players:44
day:2016-11-20, active_players:45
day:2016-11-21, active_players:66
day:2016-11-22, active_players:49
day:2016-11-23, active_players:50
day:2016-11-24, active_players:46
day:2016-11-25, active_players:45
day:2016-11-26, active_players:44
day:2016-11-27, active_players:43
day:2016-11-28, active_players:33
day:2016-11-29, active_players:39
day:2016-11-30, active_players:29
day:2016-12-01, active_players:32
day:2016-12-02, active_players:33
day:2016-12-03, active_players:37
day:2016-12-04, active_players:40
day:2016-12-05, active_players:35
day:2016-12-06, active_players:34
day:2016-12-07, active_players:34
day:2016-12-08, active_players:40
day:2016-12-09, active_players:45
day:2016-12-10, active_players:36
day:2016-12-11, active_players:33
day:2016-12-12, active_players:33
day:2016-12-13, active_players:41
day:2016-12-14, active_players:38
day:2016-12-15, active_players:32
day:2016-12-16, active_players:36
day:2016-12-17, active_players:36
day:2016-12-18, active_players:39
day:2016-12-19, active_players:33
day:2016-12-20, active_players:34
day:2016-12-21, active_players:40
day:2016-12-22, active_players:34
day:2016-12-23, active_players:28
day:2016-12-24, active_players:24
day:2016-12-25, active_players:29
day:2016-12-26, active_players:25
day:2016-12-27, active_players:20
day:2016-12-28, active_players:26
day:2016-12-29, active_players:30
day:2016-12-30, active_players:27
day:2016-12-31, active_players:30
day:2017-01-01, active_players:21
day:2017-01-02, active_players:29
day:2017-01-03, active_players:27
day:2017-01-04, active_players:29
day:2017-01-05, active_players:32
day:2017-01-06, active_players:22
day:2017-01-07, active_players:28
day:2017-01-08, active_players:30
day:2017-01-09, active_players:21
day:2017-01-10, active_players:28
day:2017-01-11, active_players:22
day:2017-01-12, active_players:21
day:2017-01-13, active_players:23
day:2017-01-14, active_players:27
day:2017-01-15, active_players:5
day:2016-11-04, active_players:6
day:2016-11-05, active_players:6
day:2016-11-06, active_players:10
day:2016-11-07, active_players:20
day:2016-11-08, active_players:52
day:2016-11-09, active_players:74
day:2016-11-10, active_players:76
day:2016-11-11, active_players:82
day:2016-11-12, active_players:72
day:2016-11-13, active_players:62
day:2016-11-14, active_players:68
day:2016-11-15, active_players:49
day:2016-11-16, active_players:36
day:2016-11-17, active_players:36
day:2016-11-18, active_players:35
day:2016-11-19, active_players:39
day:2016-11-20, active_players:31
day:2016-11-21, active_players:32
day:2016-11-22, active_players:30
day:2016-11-23, active_players:38
day:2016-11-24, active_players:33
day:2016-11-25, active_players:31
day:2016-11-26, active_players:33
day:2016-11-27, active_players:35
day:2016-11-28, active_players:38
day:2016-11-29, active_players:36
day:2016-11-30, active_players:34
day:2016-12-01, active_players:34
day:2016-12-02, active_players:36
day:2016-12-03, active_players:34
day:2016-12-04, active_players:33
day:2016-12-05, active_players:32
day:2016-12-06, active_players:30
day:2016-12-07, active_players:27
day:2016-12-08, active_players:32
day:2016-12-09, active_players:38
day:2016-12-10, active_players:39
day:2016-12-11, active_players:39
day:2016-12-12, active_players:39
day:2016-12-13, active_players:39
day:2016-12-14, active_players:40
day:2016-12-15, active_players:42
day:2016-12-16, active_players:40
day:2016-12-17, active_players:43
day:2016-12-18, active_players:46
day:2016-12-19, active_players:45
day:2016-12-20, active_players:43
day:2016-12-21, active_players:43
day:2016-12-22, active_players:48
day:2016-12-23, active_players:41
day:2016-12-24, active_players:30
day:2016-12-25, active_players:30
day:2016-12-26, active_players:33
day:2016-12-27, active_players:31
day:2016-12-28, active_players:38
day:2016-12-29, active_players:45
day:2016-12-30, active_players:33
day:2016-12-31, active_players:32
day:2017-01-01, active_players:33
day:2017-01-02, active_players:34
day:2017-01-03, active_players:40
day:2017-01-04, active_players:35
day:2017-01-05, active_players:36
day:2017-01-06, active_players:34
day:2017-01-07, active_players:31
day:2017-01-08, active_players:35
day:2017-01-09, active_players:32
day:2017-01-10, active_players:33
day:2017-01-11, active_players:30
day:2017-01-12, active_players:33
day:2017-01-13, active_players:31
day:2017-01-14, active_players:34
day:2017-01-15, active_players:11

One can clearly see that the "survivors" after league1 are stabilizing and shrinking to about 40-60 per league. Not bad actually since the game is not yet stable.
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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#94 » 16 Jan 2017, 17:25

So, while the score based on the elo system (see viewtopic.php?f=7&t=126&p=1253#p1253 ) is awesome and predicts more or less the strength of a player and the outcome between players, especially when the elo difference is large (see this thread), I wanted to find out a bit of reward also for players that plays a lot.

So I come up with the first basic formula: the elo won (through wins or draws) by a player in all his games. Then I collected the top20 that is the following (data up to 2017.01.15):

Code: Select all

playerID:MGBlitz81 elo won in total:23582 after no. games:4589
playerID:Ritter Runkel elo won in total:21803 after no. games:4144
playerID:Mcompany elo won in total:20898 after no. games:4008
playerID:jbdb elo won in total:20031 after no. games:3554
playerID:Crashdown elo won in total:14143 after no. games:2435
playerID:Johnbob elo won in total:13120 after no. games:2361
playerID:Mehran Mira elo won in total:12805 after no. games:2274
playerID:ConsciouS-0/\/E elo won in total:12698 after no. games:1972
playerID:SadBot elo won in total:11784 after no. games:2149
playerID:kjr elo won in total:11737 after no. games:1961
playerID:ntk elo won in total:11425 after no. games:1951
playerID:Erik elo won in total:10469 after no. games:1499
playerID:Night Fury ^^ elo won in total:9980 after no. games:1765
playerID:Arcueid_ elo won in total:9342 after no. games:1474
playerID:Gaspode elo won in total:9169 after no. games:1503
playerID:Pier4r Nvidia k1 elo won in total:8890 after no. games:1803
playerID:Lost601 elo won in total:8285 after no. games:1058
playerID:Gael57 elo won in total:8152 after no. games:996
playerID:Derferic elo won in total:7648 after no. games:1222
playerID:Lord Valcor elo won in total:7203 after no. games:1131

Is it interesting to see that many top players are not mentioned this because they did not exchange often a lot of points. In this case a player that holds the groud (see nullpointer) gaining between 2 and 4 points every game, will have an hard day to show up in the list.

This could lead to a second analysis like: players with less variance on the score, given an high score. I still have to formulate this properly though.
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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#95 » 16 Jan 2017, 17:51

Yaaay, I'm at the top of a list that isn't most games played. Of course, this pretty much correlates to the same thing. I'd probably be at the top of most ELO lost too, haha.

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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#96 » 16 Jan 2017, 18:06

MGBlitz81 wrote:Yaaay, I'm at the top of a list that isn't most games played. Of course, this pretty much correlates to the same thing. I'd probably be at the top of most ELO lost too, haha.

Well playing a lot is a merit too, you help the community to keep going.

Moreover I was expecting that mostly top players with thousands of games would have showed up but instead not, this because some change really a little points (actually to get how many points did you lose just take the amount needed to give your score that you had when you had that amount of games).
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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#97 » 16 Jan 2017, 21:43

Another statistic to reward the ones that play a lot but are also able to keep good scores.

The following list reports the number of games in which a player was able to maintain the score equal or higher than the threshold. The order was done according to the 1400 points threshold. Even when a player has a score of 1600, it counts for the threshold 1400, 1450, 1500, 1550 and 1600. So the more often one has an high score, the better.

Note. Some players got max scores higher than the ones mentioned in the official statistics and that is interesting because the code to check the score is dead simple in my code, but I may have to debug some corner cases. For the moment, anyway, it seems mostly valid.

So, the data is up to 2017.01.15 and it is impressive that some players that do not play since week still hold good positions due to their past performances.

Code: Select all

playerID:1459, Ritter Runkel
score threshold:1400, games:3833
score threshold:1450, games:3649
score threshold:1500, games:3141
score threshold:1550, games:2395
score threshold:1600, games:1478
score threshold:1650, games:803
score threshold:1700, games:295
score threshold:1750, games:83
score threshold:1800, games:31

playerID:905, MGBlitz81
score threshold:1400, games:3485
score threshold:1450, games:2646
score threshold:1500, games:1926
score threshold:1550, games:1271
score threshold:1600, games:692
score threshold:1650, games:190
score threshold:1700, games:11

playerID:21022, Mcompany
score threshold:1400, games:3133
score threshold:1450, games:2524
score threshold:1500, games:1786
score threshold:1550, games:1023
score threshold:1600, games:548
score threshold:1650, games:114

playerID:290, jbdb
score threshold:1400, games:3060
score threshold:1450, games:2783
score threshold:1500, games:2218
score threshold:1550, games:1276
score threshold:1600, games:572
score threshold:1650, games:169
score threshold:1700, games:4

playerID:353, Johnbob
score threshold:1400, games:2102
score threshold:1450, games:1674
score threshold:1500, games:1227
score threshold:1550, games:728
score threshold:1600, games:290
score threshold:1650, games:69
score threshold:1700, games:3

playerID:269, ntk
score threshold:1400, games:1737
score threshold:1450, games:1613
score threshold:1500, games:1402
score threshold:1550, games:1137
score threshold:1600, games:700
score threshold:1650, games:361
score threshold:1700, games:161
score threshold:1750, games:22

playerID:2099, Pier4r Nvidia k1
score threshold:1400, games:1667
score threshold:1450, games:1384
score threshold:1500, games:1109
score threshold:1550, games:834
score threshold:1600, games:451
score threshold:1650, games:163
score threshold:1700, games:31

playerID:32089, Mehran Mira
score threshold:1400, games:1397
score threshold:1450, games:1098
score threshold:1500, games:638
score threshold:1550, games:313
score threshold:1600, games:91
score threshold:1650, games:2

playerID:4630, Gaspode
score threshold:1400, games:1239
score threshold:1450, games:883
score threshold:1500, games:305
score threshold:1550, games:70
score threshold:1600, games:12

playerID:21222, Christian
score threshold:1400, games:1237
score threshold:1450, games:1142
score threshold:1500, games:938
score threshold:1550, games:618
score threshold:1600, games:322
score threshold:1650, games:120
score threshold:1700, games:40
score threshold:1750, games:3

playerID:474, NullPointer
score threshold:1400, games:1188
score threshold:1450, games:1182
score threshold:1500, games:1173
score threshold:1550, games:1156
score threshold:1600, games:1109
score threshold:1650, games:1007
score threshold:1700, games:821
score threshold:1750, games:652
score threshold:1800, games:388
score threshold:1850, games:153

playerID:24322, Night Fury ^^
score threshold:1400, games:1140
score threshold:1450, games:693
score threshold:1500, games:279
score threshold:1550, games:57

playerID:65370, BLACK PHANTOM
score threshold:1400, games:1024
score threshold:1450, games:996
score threshold:1500, games:936
score threshold:1550, games:777
score threshold:1600, games:371
score threshold:1650, games:164
score threshold:1700, games:7

playerID:34699, Dirk
score threshold:1400, games:951
score threshold:1450, games:880
score threshold:1500, games:647
score threshold:1550, games:354
score threshold:1600, games:164
score threshold:1650, games:99
score threshold:1700, games:20

playerID:3250, HBomb
score threshold:1400, games:933
score threshold:1450, games:838
score threshold:1500, games:523
score threshold:1550, games:207
score threshold:1600, games:57
score threshold:1650, games:2

playerID:27324, kjr
score threshold:1400, games:740
score threshold:1450, games:578
score threshold:1500, games:333
score threshold:1550, games:97
score threshold:1600, games:1

playerID:45993, liplap
score threshold:1400, games:587
score threshold:1450, games:329
score threshold:1500, games:93
score threshold:1550, games:4

playerID:49837, bbbbbb
score threshold:1400, games:538
score threshold:1450, games:493
score threshold:1500, games:436
score threshold:1550, games:372
score threshold:1600, games:245
score threshold:1650, games:86
score threshold:1700, games:38

playerID:26219, Crashdown
score threshold:1400, games:385
score threshold:1450, games:100
score threshold:1500, games:14

playerID:1108, PooStick
score threshold:1400, games:382
score threshold:1450, games:146
score threshold:1500, games:43
score threshold:1550, games:1

Actually this is one stat that I would like to improve so from now on, as long as I have the christmas present, I will try to change my AI minimizing the days under a certain score threshold.

Moreover this statistic shows also that Nullpointer is able to play and keep himself over quite high scores a lot of times.
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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#98 » 23 Jan 2017, 15:26

I run an analysis over the db dump considering all the matches since 2016.12.09 (alpha 5.3.1) where at least one player was over 1200 score points (so a bit of experience was involved).

This is the result. once again the data shows that the higher the score difference, the less unexpected the result and in my opinion for a couple of outliers it makes little sense to have such matches.

Games with a score difference of over 400 are not bringing any significant change.

Code: Select all

score difference:25
total games considered by the score difference: 2069
wins by higher score:1018
losses by the higher score:902

score difference:50
total games considered by the score difference: 1848
wins by higher score:936
losses by the higher score:753

score difference:75
total games considered by the score difference: 1648
wins by higher score:932
losses by the higher score:629

score difference:100
total games considered by the score difference: 1450
wins by higher score:866
losses by the higher score:479

score difference:125
total games considered by the score difference: 1263
wins by higher score:787
losses by the higher score:395

score difference:150
total games considered by the score difference: 1103
wins by higher score:771
losses by the higher score:263

score difference:175
total games considered by the score difference: 952
wins by higher score:672
losses by the higher score:228

score difference:200
total games considered by the score difference: 918
wins by higher score:682
losses by the higher score:182

score difference:225
total games considered by the score difference: 805
wins by higher score:581
losses by the higher score:183

score difference:250
total games considered by the score difference: 710
wins by higher score:559
losses by the higher score:122

score difference:275
total games considered by the score difference: 655
wins by higher score:505
losses by the higher score:123

score difference:300
total games considered by the score difference: 604
wins by higher score:489
losses by the higher score:85

score difference:325
total games considered by the score difference: 506
wins by higher score:421
losses by the higher score:65

score difference:350
total games considered by the score difference: 457
wins by higher score:393
losses by the higher score:49

score difference:375
total games considered by the score difference: 386
wins by higher score:339
losses by the higher score:34

score difference:400
total games considered by the score difference: 304
wins by higher score:270
losses by the higher score:28

score difference:425
total games considered by the score difference: 245
wins by higher score:229
losses by the higher score:15

score difference:450
total games considered by the score difference: 196
wins by higher score:183
losses by the higher score:8

score difference:475
total games considered by the score difference: 160
wins by higher score:144
losses by the higher score:12

score difference:500
total games considered by the score difference: 161
wins by higher score:150
losses by the higher score:10

score difference:525
total games considered by the score difference: 126
wins by higher score:120
losses by the higher score:4

score difference:550
total games considered by the score difference: 97
wins by higher score:91
losses by the higher score:5

score difference:575
total games considered by the score difference: 82
wins by higher score:76
losses by the higher score:5

score difference:600
total games considered by the score difference: 63
wins by higher score:57
losses by the higher score:5

score difference:625
total games considered by the score difference: 44
wins by higher score:42
losses by the higher score:2

score difference:650
total games considered by the score difference: 37
wins by higher score:36
losses by the higher score:0

score difference:675
total games considered by the score difference: 21
wins by higher score:21
losses by the higher score:0

score difference:700
total games considered by the score difference: 12
wins by higher score:12
losses by the higher score:0

score difference:725
total games considered by the score difference: 8
wins by higher score:7
losses by the higher score:1

score difference:750
total games considered by the score difference: 4
wins by higher score:4
losses by the higher score:0

score difference:775
total games considered by the score difference: 1
wins by higher score:1
losses by the higher score:0

score difference:800
total games considered by the score difference: 0
wins by higher score:0
losses by the higher score:0
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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#99 » 06 Feb 2017, 17:13

The attachment shows the distribution over a day divided in six periods of matches involving players with a certain score.
0 : 00:00-03:59 Paris time
1 : 04:00-07:59 Paris time
2 : 08:00-11:59 Paris time
3 : 12:00-15:59 Paris time
4 : 16:00-19:59 Paris time
3 : 20:00-23:59 Paris time

Remark: The graph counts how many times a player within a certain score appears playing in a certain period of the day. This means that in a match between a player with 1100 point and 1200 points, both player are counted in two different categories. If they play again, the count again as +1 for the period. So for every match, 2 units are added to the total amount of units in the period because every player is counted separately.

Therefore the total count for every period represents the number of total matches in the period, multiplied by two. In other words, if there are 500 matches, it means that 500 couples of players (even if repeated) have played, so the total count is 1000.

Some observations:
(a) During the period "1" mostly there are less players (this means that the two american continents have a lot of active players compared to the rest of the world)
(b) The matchmaking affects a lot. At the start of alpha 5 there was no cooldown for matches between the same players, and the number of matches or activity, just spiked. Then alpha 5.1 and then alpha 5.2 had very limiting matchmaking rules and the activity decreased. In the last days of alpha 5.2 (pre 2016.12.09) the activity reached a record low.

Then with alpha 5.3.1 we had a less stringent machmaking, and the activity slowly grown again 8aside for some days with sever problems).
Nevertheless neither alpha 5.3.1 nor alpha 6.X had much more activity than alpha 5.2 (although not decreasing). I remember that playing was pleasant and such.

Then alpha 7.8 came along and I don't know what happened, aside from only 5 minutes cooldown, but the activity spiked once again (although not like the first days of alpha 5). Since then is pretty stable but the low periods are getting higher and higher, so maybe the game is getting traction also outside the US.

(c) The bulk of the activity is done by players with score lower than 1500 (this is super true for the recent days, before the threshold was lover), although players over 1500 sometimes participates a lot in some periods of the day.
playing_players_distribution_20161104_20170205.png (171.2 KiB) Viewed 2690 times
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Re: ELO computation changes

Post#100 » 12 Feb 2017, 17:24

Together with the score evolution: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=414 a nice look is the "generations" of top players. I take the top players with 1500+ points at the moment and I check when they reached (or passed) this border for the first time:

name current score. when 1500+ was reached the first time as closing value of the day (according to the actual score history in the statistics page). gladiabots version.
Note: 1500 was an hard value to reach not so many weeks ago, so some reached an equivalent 1500 value already long ago.
Tct 2154. 21.01.2017 . alpha 7.8
Nullpointer 2049. 06.11.2016. Alpha 5.x
Tralalo 1962. 11.01.2017. Alpha 6.1.3
T800, see nullpointer
Mattiacci 1880. (actually the best looking elo progression in my opinion). 08.01.2017. Alpha 6.1.3
Pier4r nvidia k1 1823. 21.11.2017. Alpha 5.2
Mcompany 1808. 29.11.2016. Alpha 5.2
Rock n roll 1765, 31.01.2017. Alpha 7.8.
Igigin 1763, 26.01.2017. Alpha 7.8.
Grindmax 1736. 20.01.2017. Alpha 7.8
Dirk 1732. 17.12.2016. Alpha 6.x
aw0093 1720. 26.01.2017. Alpha 7.8
titus 1718. 23.01.2017. Alpha 7.8
benm 1715. 03.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
Tommecc 1704. 29.01.2017. Alpha 7.8
DimaxRu 1700. 02.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
Counterbalance 1694. 12.01.2017. Alpha 6.1.3
Mgblitz81 1670. 18.11.2017. Alpha 5.2
Ritter Runkel 1658. 14.11.2016 . Alpha 5.2
Xzaingic 1647. 11.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
kjr 1644. 22.12.2016. Alpha 6.x
boiko 1631. 10.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
jbdb 1615. 10.12.2016. Alpha 5.3.1
Fullback 1609. 04.02.2017. Alpha 7.8.
conscious-one 1609. 05.12.2017. Alpha 5.2
Frillo69 1603. 03.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
botbob 1593. 10.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
Brunojuara 1593. 10.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
Dangeur 1587. 24.01.2017. Alpha 7.8
woolf 1580. 15.01.2017. Alpha 6.1.3
TitaniumproBotPc 1572. 08.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
peli 1572. 27.01.2017. Alpha 7.8
Omicron 1565. 06.02.2017 .Alpha 7.8
Botique 1565. 26.01.2017. Alpha 7.8
Valerian 1564. 29.01.2017. Alpha 7.8
Forge 1562. 05.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
PEW 1559. 12.02.2017.Alpha 7.8
Shmalzbrot 1555. 10.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
rua.kr 1551. 07.02.2017. Alpha 7.8
Gonzo 1550. Alpha 7.8
Willmat 1524. 29.01.2017. Alpha 7.8
MohoVaas 1516. Alpha 7.8
Crashdown 1513. 06.01.2017. Alpha 6.1.3
Network 1506. Alpha 7.8
Fredbot 1506. Alpha 7.8
Fran72099. Alpha 7.8

So out of 46 players
- 7 reached a high status in alpha 6.1.x (and they are ~1+ month old in game, that is "a lot")
- 6 reached a high status in alpha 5.x-5.2 (and they are ~3+ months old in game)
- 1 reached a high status in alpha 5.3.1 ( ~2+ months old)
- All the rest, so 32 players, are "veteran" of alpha 7.8, so for 1 month.

One could imply from this that the "veterans" of a certain version do not hang around a lot and normally mostly the top players continue to play. Let's see with the new version which ones will stay.
http://www.reddit.com/r/Gladiabots/wiki/players/pier4r_nvidia_shield_k1 -> Gladiabots CHAT, stats, insights and more ;

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