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[Alpha 8 changes to game mechanic]

Posted: 12 Jun 2017, 07:34
by LuBeNo
GFX47 wrote:
This version uses a new resolution engine version (due to the changes on the tagging system), which means:
  • your matches from previous versions will be deprecated and not watchable/deployable anymore
  • you will only be able to fight against players how upgraded to the same version
Upgrading is irreversible, no downgrade possible.

I wonder why there is an unidirectional update. Has anything from the game mechanic changed. I want to gather these things here.

The only thing I mentioned is the "instantiation order is used when evaluating previous action"-Bugfix.

Anything else changed?

Re: [Alpha 8 changes to game mechanic]

Posted: 12 Jun 2017, 09:25
by GFX47
The flee from (just dropped) resource bug and the current action bug fixes.

Re: [Alpha 8 changes to game mechanic]

Posted: 12 Jun 2017, 17:06
by mcompany
I want to actually clear this up as I've actually tested this when I was looking at the orders of every map. No, the majority of the updates are not fully incompatible with previous versions. In fact, I have put tagging nodes from 6.1.3 into 5.3 and the game worked perfectly fine. The only thing someone could note as a problem is that the tagging node was renamed to something generic like "action 20" (which is how everything is noted as under the hood, and hdeffo probably has all of the ids for all actions), and the tagging node didn't tag, but idled in the the direction of the enemy. However, it I still totally possible to downgrade in most cases and keep your AI in tact.

Now, the only actual difference in upgrading and downgrading is the resolution engine which may give different results for the same code. This is the actual reason why we wouldn't be able to watch version 7 matches from version 8: we wouldn't have version 7's engine, and it would be too bulky to include every new engine into every new version.