Random map AI specializations?

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Random map AI specializations?

Post#1 » 05 Mar 2017, 23:54

So, who is working on AIs specially for custom maps? What are you doing to prepare?

I decided to try building AIs specifically for tactical roles in a battle. Not specializations based on the map or the bot class, but on the role I want the bot to play during the battle.

I've got things in mind for specialized roles like: scout, artillery, cover-fire/support fire, resource specialist, and more, but so far I've only built 2 (mostly) complete AIs on this concept, and I had a left over sniper specialized AI that works as a base for a couple others.

This replay shows 3 of them working well together for the first time, my sniper/artillery AI, support-fire AI, and resource specialist AI:

I know the "universal AI" is another concept that many picked up specifically for random maps, but what other ideas do people have?

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Re: Random map AI specializations?

Post#2 » 06 Mar 2017, 12:14

Hmm nice topic. But in this period I'm too lazy to focus (I still have a log of fixes to do).
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