Need help on finding different behaviours

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Re: Need help on finding different behaviours

Post#41 » 08 Feb 2017, 12:52

LELEZ wrote:
ConsciouS-0nE wrote:Apparently the player
T800's retreat module


But that does nothing other than stalling in a dance or losing are you sure? How is that a good way of handling the retreat?
It probably ends up replenishing your shield if it's placed after an if self shield low but i cant see it being so good

@papa pier, kinda joke ;)


If both are med range dwellers, it works well.(thats not the real nodes tho)
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Re: Need help on finding different behaviours

Post#42 » 08 Feb 2017, 20:09

As far as that "Joke" is concerned ...

I can't count how many times I've tried taking ideas and strategies gleaned from watching battles, and used them to make my AIs more complex, only to watch them start to fail miserably, instead of improve even marginally.

On the other hand, there have been many times that I've been reviewing my AIs, trying to find ways to impement those same "strategies gleaned from watching battles" and finding ways that simplify/condense my AI, and it becomes more effective.

Of course the opposites of those situations also happens a lot, but still, never underestimate a simple and straightforward strategy, it could be an effective one.

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