Threat meter concept

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Threat meter concept

Post#1 » 12 Dec 2018, 22:30

Knowing when to retreat is a crucial part of the game, being able to detect the right situation often makes the difference between a winning and a loosing match.
Situations can be complex and you often need way too many nodes to account for every possible situation, and it takes away precious space in your ai.
Here's my idea, it's just a proof of concept and most of the numbers are just placeholder with no real value, but i'd like to hear your opinions.

Instead of retreating when every specific and hardcoded condition is met, how about weighting the situation to get a meter? If we can weight single threats along with health and shield condition, we could theoretically find a retreating value "x" that can account for every possible situation.


Since Assault can differ in numbers, i just add them multiple times to increase their menace value with range without having to check their number (in my example 1 assault is = to +1 if long range, +2 if medium, +3 if short).
It would take a lot of test to determines the right weights, but i think it can be an interesting concept.

Hope it helps :)

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