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My current AI structure and AIs

Posted: 12 Dec 2017, 08:11
by mcompany
I decide that I'd reveal the AIs I've made, but more importantly, I decide I'll also reveal part of the structure that the AIs are built on and the reasons why the structure was created. So, to keep things simple, I decided to create an image showcasing the AI structure first with name in general saying what they are.

The few things I want to point out here is:
  • None of the subtrees (besides the very first subtree and the very last) would actually be in a subtree had it be the real AI. The main reason for this is because I often times put some of the same kinds of logic in my retreat section as I do on my attack section, and keeping the nodes together makes it easier for me to look at. In fact, these kind of problems is why in general, I do not recommend constantly putting everything in subtrees unless the AI work in them are immensely large
  • Scorer is basically what you expect. It is just "score with a resource, then grab, then do some moving around when there is nothing to grab so that I end up dancing." I know for a fact it is 6 nodes long, but only 3 (arguably 2) of the nodes are meaningful. On my main account, this subtree is called "lame"
  • "Pack_move" is a custom AI I started developing a while ago to make sure that it was more likely to gang up on more important AIs while still keeping the advantage of moving to the closest enemy. Think of it as one big fancy movement node
  • Typically I don't count "pack_move" or "scorer" as part of any AI. There are several reasons not to count it, but one of the biggest is that unlike any of the nodes that are part of a particular section, these subtrees Generally are never changed/updated, and could be place in such a way that they wasn't in the AI at all and still be called. Besides this, my AIs are typically 70-150 nodes, and really have no reason to be above 200 nodes unless I get too focused on bot stats
  • I do not put attacking nodes anywhere besides "AttackShort", "AttackMed", or "AttackLong". I do not put any other fleeing nodes besides the ones in that picture. I do not put in any additional move nodes besides "Pack_move". One of the biggest reasons behind this is to avoid problems in my AIs from one section of the AI disagreeing with another and making sure that if the AI really is in danger it should flee no matter what. However, this does sometimes lead to some hard to deal with problems such as my AIs retreating too often or attacking in long range too long. Currently, I'd wager that Mind Game is probably the most crucial map for my AIs to adjust to and that players like Chris and Miojo some of the hardest to deal with.
  • The difference between "If Health In Danger" and "If Should Retreat" is that the former is involved with deciding whether or not a situation that would put my AIs at a disadvantage will cut into my health, while the latter determines if my AIs are at a disadvantage that is worthwhile for a flee.
    So it is possible for my AIs to decide that my bot is in risk of taking a bunch of damage, but it also decides that it is worth it. Meanwhile, There are situations that are obviously bad, but not putting my bots in a noticeable (detectable) danger, and decides to hold its ground and wait for an ally
  • There are no specific code to gather my AIs together. Part of it has to do with the fact that Meeting Point is a map, but another one of the issues is that any time spend on regathering is time that could have been spent keeping pressure on the enemy, and I can't guarantee that gathering will help in that situation
  • I still don't tag at all

As far as my actual current AIs goes, here they are:




Re: My current AI structure and AIs

Posted: 14 Dec 2017, 01:26
by Jotunn
Thank you for sharing, but your images are low quality and are impossible to actually read. If you could add higher quality images that would be lovely. Thank you again.

Re: My current AI structure and AIs

Posted: 14 Dec 2017, 03:02
by mcompany
Unfortunately, in order to make higher quality images, I'd have to make many screenshots and edit them together with Photoshop. Otherwise (especially with being on mobile), that's all I can do. If there is a particular part of these AIs you want enhanced, I could definitely do that though. However, I can basically guarantee that they won't be the exact same (due to editing to try to still win matches)

Re: My current AI structure and AIs

Posted: 15 Dec 2017, 00:12
by Jotunn
I'm curious about how you determine if you should retreat or not and how you pick your targets. Close ups of those two sections would be awesome; and I don't need it for every bot, just maybe the assaults. Thank you again for sharing.

Re: My current AI structure and AIs

Posted: 15 Dec 2017, 02:21
by mcompany
Retreat 1
Screenshot_20171214-171408.png (163.18 KiB) Viewed 1410 times

Retreat 2
Screenshot_20171214-171432.png (211.22 KiB) Viewed 1410 times

Attack 1 (long range and medium range)
Screenshot_20171214-171636.png (207.4 KiB) Viewed 1410 times

Attack 2 (currently targeted)
Screenshot_20171214-171743.png (202.05 KiB) Viewed 1410 times

Attack order long range
Screenshot_20171214-171509.png (86.5 KiB) Viewed 1410 times

Re: My current AI structure and AIs

Posted: 15 Dec 2017, 04:35
by Jotunn
Thank you.