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Post#1 » 22 Jun 2018, 09:43

Can I play with the same account on the PC and mobile versions?
Yes, simply connect with the same player name on both platforms.
If you already connected with another player name, go to Settings/Debug/Use another player account.

I bought the PC version on itch, how can I update the game version?
If you created an itch account when you bought the game, you should be able to get it here: https://itch.io/my-purchases
If not, check out this page: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought
The easiest way to keep your game up to date is to install the itch app, it works like steam: https://itch.io/app

I bought the game on itch, will I get a Steam key?
Yes, as soon as the Steam early access starts, I'll add Steam keys to the itch system so itch players can also play on Steam.

Will the game ever come out on Steam?
Yes, Early Access is starting on August 9th!
Check out the Steam page:

Please wishlist the game to get notifications as soon as it gets released and help improve its visibility.

I bought the pro version on mobile, can I get access to the PC version for free?
No, you have to buy the PC version separately.

Will the game be available in my native language?
The community should help me translate the game in several languages.
If you want to help translate it in your own native language, please send me a email at contact@gladiabots.com.

Why don't you make bot parts customizable?
I tested it during alpha and the game quickly turned into a composition battle instead of an AI battle.
So I rolled back on this to keep the focus on the strategic AI programming part.

Can I write some code instead of using the AI editor?
Can you add variables, loops and other advanced programming features?
Not planned, sorry.
I'm rather trying to make a strategy game (using programming) than a pure programming game.
Their are a lot of great programming games out there.
Check out Screeps, LeekWars or Human Resource Machine just to name a few.

I have another question
Please check out the Wiki, join the Discord Server or post a new thread here ;)

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