Target Type [Arena Position]

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Target Type [Arena Position]

Post#1 » 09 Nov 2018, 12:10

Hi guys, newcomer here.
I started playing the game a week ago, and i'm really loving it, it's an incredible game, and it's still in beta.

I apologize if this is a noobish question (i discovered the "exact count" "grater or less" etc. a couple of days ago after writing a subroutine to iterate through attacking enemies...)

Is there a plan to let us target a specific point of the arena?
Right now we can " move toward > close to border > X " but we still have to target an "X" without prior knowledge of the map layout or enemy displacement.

By adding a generic "arena position" target, we may use filters to navigate the map.

example: if myself at close range from bottom arena border AND at medium range from ally border exist
>> move toward all arena position at short range from ally border AND in top side

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