Game credit reward to whom plays a lot and other incentives

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Game credit reward to whom plays a lot and other incentives

Post#1 » 26 Aug 2018, 15:01

So I love the idea of in game currency that doesn't directly affect the skill of a player (like many pay 2 win).

Now the point is that one would like to have players that pay but also players that play, without playing players the multiplayer game become boring fast.

Therefore, on the base of the players that accumulated a lot of xp: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=554 I would suggest to put some sort of milestone reward.

Either one pays, to speed up the process, or if one plays a lot. Say 5 million XP, 10 million XP , 15 million, 20 and so on. One gets like an increasigly fat bonus.

For example at 5 million XP one could get the equivalent of the smallest purchase in game for unlock points, at 10 million one gets twice the smallest purchase and so on.
The unlock points as rewards are made up but they should be fat, as playing a lot is something rare and should almost match the unlock points given by in game purchases (at least those the entry level purchases).

Another tip is to show off (it helps psychologically) on the stats page how many unlock points one had in his game life (spent or unspent). This may help pushing players to play/buy a little more. -> Gladiabots CHAT, stats, insights and more ;

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