Remove trials in Sandbox plss.

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Remove trials in Sandbox plss.

Post#1 » 21 Dec 2017, 15:13

Hello, :D I am just new in this game(as in New :lol: ). Just downloaded this game a few hours ago. Could you pls remove free trials in sandbox and let others use it free. :cry: I doesn't have any money to pay, well, I am just a college student without any work. :cry:
Plss, make it free. I really enjoying this game right now, but i cannot edit and see my gladiabots now because the trial just finish.

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Re: Remove trials in Sandbox plss.

Post#2 » 05 Jan 2018, 11:41

As far as I know if you see videos you can do more, or not?

Moreover gladiabots costs less than a burger at McDonalds, not exactly expensive (and it can give you hundreds of hours of fun). -> Gladiabots CHAT, stats, insights and more ;

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