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Post#21 » 15 Nov 2017, 06:52

GFX47 wrote:Let's imagine we have an AI on a base.
What happens when you have several bases on the map? When there's none?

For several bases, maybe you just have multiple independent AIs. But in general rougeleader already answered this; tge idea of having AIs on bases is simply to visualize what an independent AI would be in the first place.
GFX47 wrote:Wouldn't it be weird to have actions like move or attack on a base?

I'm mean "if self not exists"
GFX47 wrote:Should those actions be filtered out at edition time? Meaning there should be a way to tell the game your are editing an AI for a base or a bot.

Sure I guess, or you just have not tagging actions be read as invalid at run time. Either way works
GFX47 wrote:Plus, I find it more challenging/interesting to have to implement your strategy using a limited and variable number of agents.

I mean sure, but at the same time, the game itself is already super challenging to play well with full information, and if we wanted to have any sort of limit, I feel like that should be a side option, rather than being a harsh barrier to success in the game. Either way, if the problem of the "refactoring update" is solved, this would fix the problem of the tagging order without having to make a new commander bot (which is imo an awful idea)

G.M. [rogueleader] wrote:
mcompany wrote:Another thing I want to add is that while I do support this request, I also would rather wait until we could check from a perspective outside of its own, because otherwise the information the commander would get would be too limited to be useful

But yeah, in general, things are done when gfx does them, not just simply when multiple players agree to them. Give it some time, and see what happens

Ok, thanks!
Also what did you mean about limited info for the commander ai? I assume you mean that without relative distance variables, it can't scan for distance variables and get the same results as a scan from the targeted robot. Sorry that was a mouthful. I mean (for example) that long range for the commader ai could be short range for a nother ally. Without relative distance variables, this will be an issue. Is that what you meant?

For the most part yes

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