Node heights and alignment on grid

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Node heights and alignment on grid

Post#1 » 07 Feb 2018, 07:21

Nice work on Alpha 12. I see lots of work there.

A side effect of the new node dimensions on my AIs is that some sibling nodes had altered edge angles, affecting my AI flow. I probably lay my nodes out too tight, so I'm adjusting all my AIs.

One thing I'd like to ask, can the diamond connector nodes match the height of the other nodes? I think that might have prevented my issue.

Also, to make my AIs smaller (fit in match preview better), I align nodes so that the circle under a node and the circle above the node under it would overlap. The edge between them effectively pointed downward, but it was covered up. In Alpha 12, those circles of the same nodes still overlap, but now the top node's lower circle is slightly below the lower node's top circle. It's not bad with just one node under another, but when I branch 2 or more nodes, the edges then slope upward. (It might be just me, but I try to make ALL my node edges slope downward.)

I think if the top and bottom node circles aligned to the dots on the grid (rather than the node center aligning), it would take care of that aesthetic. If it creates horizontal edges that make a "tie" for node execution, or create confusion as to which branch path executes, the grid could be spaced a little wider so that edges can't be horizontal and must slope.

I've re-read this several times, is this confusing? I'd produce pictures, but I'm not sure I can reproduce what 11.4 looked like with 12.
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Re: Node heights and alignment on grid

Post#2 » 07 Feb 2018, 13:39

I'll see if I can improve that.

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