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by sethcohn
18 Jan 2017, 21:40
Forum: Devlog
Topic: New player points/level system
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Re: New player points/level system

Negative feedback. I was playing with things like tagging in Alpha 6, and upgraded to 7 to see what the bugfixes etc were, and was shocked that while my existing AIs were listed, I was unable to edit them, because suddenly I was locked out of those features, not even grayed-out, but completely missi...
by sethcohn
18 Jan 2017, 21:31
Forum: Release candidates
Topic: Alpha 7.6
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Re: Alpha 7.6

Um, tagging is all missing? I upgraded from Alpha 6, and even tried a wipe of AIs to reset, but when I go to conditions, for example, pick self, then the only conditions are resource, health and shield.

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