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by Optometrist_Prime
22 Nov 2016, 14:10
Forum: Devlog
Topic: League demotions
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Re: League demotions

Why even have leagues? Why not enable everything from the beginning and having a single huge leaderboard? Matches are only allowed between players within a certain % of each other up or down the leaderboard Inactive players are simply hidden from the leaderboard until they start playing again Sorry,...
by Optometrist_Prime
22 Nov 2016, 12:40
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Seeking Programmers
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Re: Seeking Programmers

I'm a big fan of evolution developing basic AI

So how about we evolve the AI against other AIs (also evolving) before it's used on the proper servers, that way they're not dumb AI and it works much better
by Optometrist_Prime
22 Nov 2016, 12:33
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Fixing Fancy Rock Paper Scissors
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Re: Fixing Fancy Rock Paper Scissors

I don't like it so much, doesn't seem very AI like... Instead we should just have directional scanning for enemies and more movement options to include strafing and fleeing in different directions. The AI shouldn't be limited to moving closer to and away from enemies and static locations. It should...

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