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by liq3
01 Feb 2019, 01:06
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Keep folder settings
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Keep folder settings

Could we have it so when setting up our deployment, the game remembers what folders we have open? It's rather tedious having to close folders every time I change the selected bot.
by liq3
30 Aug 2018, 20:03
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: CPU proof of concept
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CPU proof of concept

Basic proof of concept of a CPU. Could be expanded to actually do something useful. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Gladiabots_2018-08-31_03-49-18.png Overview Gladiabots_2018-08-31_03-51-52.png The top part is the ROM + Program counter (only 2-bit atm). Bottom right with the ally base i...
by liq3
29 Aug 2018, 09:16
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Send a private match that can be played more than once
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Send a private match that can be played more than once

Currently if we want to play against someone in private matches multiple times we have to send multiple games (of the same AI). It'd be nice if we could just send one game, but with a "5 game limit" or something they can play that many times. Also, if we select random map, the map would be...
by liq3
29 Aug 2018, 09:13
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Private matches don't prevent new matches
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Private matches don't prevent new matches

I think it'd be an improvement if we can send private matches (and other modes) even when we have private matches pending.

A good example of why this would help is, if I have 5 matches from Bob pending, but I want to send some matches to John before playing Bob's matches, I currently can't.
by liq3
18 Aug 2018, 15:13
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: AI ticks aren't exactly 0.25s
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AI ticks aren't exactly 0.25s

After a bunch of testing and looking at things with video frame by frame, I've determined that AI ticks are slightly larger than 0.25s, while things like shotgun firing is exactly 1 second.

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