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by Blothorn
26 May 2018, 00:12
Forum: Devlog
Topic: AI size limits
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Re: AI size limits

10 nodes max 25 nodes max 50 nodes max 100 nodes max unlimited If you want to encourage casual gamers, you won't need 50 or 100 nodes max. I suggest only three gamemodes: 10, 25 and infinity. (Otherwise, there wouldn't be enough players in each mode and too many leaderboards.) Fun fact: My generic ...
by Blothorn
25 May 2018, 20:23
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Allow disabling the auto zoom
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Re: Allow disabling the auto zoom

What is the problem exactly? Maybe it could be improved. I have two main complaints: - Overzoom--there are few situations I do not want to see all bots either shooting or being aimed at, and even resource gatherers are interesting late-game. - Motion--in some situations it can pan/zoom excessively,...

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